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To Granny You’ve seen masterpieces of Louvre and Uffizi You’ve been Metropolitan devoted admirer And trying to carry it all to your students You prayed the Art As the only existence. Your

2 липня 2005, 08:44

To Granny
You’ve seen masterpieces of Louvre and Uffizi
You’ve been Metropolitan devoted admirer
And trying to carry it all to your students
You prayed the Art
As the only existence.
Your pictures of Kiev are blessed with your heart;
They look down like shadows of yours.
I know that your soul is weeping for us:
For misery of people,
For poverty of state,
For obstinate practical living.
January 31, 2005

To My Granddad...
Here’s your birthday –
But you are dead…
The ground is cold,
The mind is lost.
My heart is crying all the time
I won’t forget you –
Your smiles and teasing
And our midnight tea
When we were solving
Problems of the world.
You left me all alone –
To face the trial,
To feed poor relations,
To fight your enemies,
To please your friends…
Here’s your birthday –
What can I give?
Only my memories,
Salted with tears.
October 16, 2003

In night city life
Blinking like hungry eyes;
In the underground
Stuffing my head with chatter;
Though unseen
Burning my throat with a scream -
It happens...
When it matters!

To My Sister
Helen, pretty little dear!
You are bouncy, like a deer!
You are lioness at party,
You are scout at any outing!

To My Own Reflection
Your charm is overwhelming,
Your beauty is a must;
But please, my honey, tell me,
Why can't I always trust?

To Romeo
The everlasting blossom of your cheeks
Shows me the way to overcome my sorrow.
What could I tell you after passing weeks?
It's nice complexion. May I borrow?

Library Rhymes
Look at the door:
Someone is coming,
Longing for books.

Tell them once more:
‘Don’t lose your card, please;
Look at the time.’

Worry and woe…
Wake up, my darling,
Video’s out.

To our teacher in phonetics
Inna Alexandrovna Lymar
A girl was singing in a quiet cathedral;
The sounds were rising up to the domes…
The women were sighing like vowel system,
The men were snoring like consonant stream.
But voice seemed sweeter,
Sunrays turned thinner –
So people forgot
All troubles and pains.
The hearts were trembling,
The voices singing
That nobody’s lost
In whirls and rains.

The New Year’s Eve
Fresh steps
On a new-born snow
Are shouting
In the silent night.

Dance through the lightened hole,
I am waiting for your sight.

With their sleepy eyes
Are waving
Good-bye to the past.

Have you
Become more wise
Interrupting and speaking fast?

A lonely house
Lost in the ancient hills.

Was kissing us
To greet with the newborn years.

The freshmint world
A baby is looking for mummy,
The darkness is breathing around…
‘Calm down, sleep again, my sonny.
What? Aren’t you fed enough?’
He touches a mummy’s shoulder,
He searches for extra milk,
But nipples are hard and hostile
To baby, who doesn’t like mint.
A man is looking for mistress
Who knows what is love, on the Earth.
He dreams of unspoiled feelings
In a lonely house in the North.
He smells the meadow flowers,
Collects the conifer cones,
He cleans his byre and pigsty,
But still he doesn’t like mint.
For all the soap and toothpaste,
Shampoo and chewing gum,
And toilet cleaners and perfumes
Smell mint like this damned world.

Natalia Dubjaga

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  • Viktor Belinskyy 9 років тому

    Pretty splendid verses – a guide to Dreamland of Childhood... The best way to make a travel in the Wonderland of sounds and images is just to sit in an armchair next to the fireplace (or, at least under the torch;)) and to read aloud these charming stanzas in complete silence while listening to the voice of one's own... Though, the reader will hear not the voice reading, but the souls of one's own weeping or laughing, smiling or dreaming over something charming...

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